Thursday, July 06, 2006



The portfolio has been stagnant so far this week. Down about 0.5 percent through to today. My entry in IFO couldn't have been better. I bought 1050 shares at $5.97 late last week. The stock surged 20 percent yesterday. I decided to sell my position at the open this morning. Bad move. I got filled at $7.30 and the stock proceeded to move higher, much higher, going all the way past $9. Oh well. I did try the same stunt early last week with IFO and I got the timing perfect: in at $5.98, out at $6.40 the next morning.

I bought 400 shares of MRVL yesterday thinking that Cramer, upon his return from his vacation, would trumpet it. Wrong move. He panned it. I managed to still get out for a $1 per share profit when the stock moved higher today but I don't think I'll touch it again for some time. I'm still holding BRCM. The stock has a PEG ratio of 0.83. That's pretty cheap for a best of breed stock. I think I'll hold it into earnings and see what happens.

More closer to my value stock home, I also doubled up on ASCEF (basically repurchasing the shares I sold at $10 back in late April). The stock is too cheap to pass up at these levels.

The rest of my portfoio isn't doing much. PXPL and LTON are hurting me but I think both will rebound.

Should you get some shorts going Coach?
Agree with Glenn, shorting might be the way to go. Especially BRCM if they dont show great earnings its going down to $22-$24 area.

Or you can buy those new Profund ETFS.

Mike ..
I should be shorting more Glenn. But let's see now, I shorted GOOG at $119 and HANS at $34. Something tells me my shorting skills still need a bit of work!!!!
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