Monday, July 17, 2006


Tough day for oil drillers

The portfolio was down 0.7 today partly on account of PDC and NBR. Both stocks sank after some clown downgraded the group this morning. The only bright spot was IFO. Hopefully the portfolio will do better the rest of the week.

I am holding PXPL too. Two months ago Yahoo showed cash $4+ , book value $4+. Now it shows cash $0.48, book $1.3. Do you know what's going on with this stock. Thanks.
I don't see YHOO in your portfolio anymore. Did you sell it? If so, I guess you took a loss but not as much of a loss as you might of if you had held for tonight's (7/18/2006) bloodbath. How much did you lose on it?
I was wrong about PXPL's share count. I was also wrong to buy it at over $4. So far the biggest mistake of the year.
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