Friday, July 14, 2006


Weekly Summary: Relatively Good

If you had asked me last week to predict which three stocks would help my portfolio the most this week, KTCC, CRWS and MAM would have been close to the bottom of the list. Yet, they were the stars of my portfolio, with KTCC gaining over 50 percent, CRWS surging over 200 percent, and MAM moving up a healthy 30 percent. Unfortunately, none of these stocks were large positions, but they did help to keep me in plus column, quite an achievement considering how badly the markets fared this week.

For the week, my portfolio gained $1,210 (0.2 percent), handily outperforming the S&P 500 (down 2.3 percent), the NASDAQ (down 4.4 percent), and the Russell 2000 (down 4.0 percent).

I sold my shares in AE yesterday. The stock has move up 10 smackers since I bought it a few weeks ago (this was my second ride on the AE express this year). I still love the stock's fundamentals, but I'd rather avoid being too greedy in this market.

Why is there no post of the purchase of AE shares? This stock has a very small float. Would it not have helped your cause to influence others to purchase the stock?
I have never observed my entries to have any effect on stock prices. Besides, as I mention in the disclaimer, I discourage people from buying the stocks that I buy. With regards to AE, check out the May 23 entry:
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