Friday, July 07, 2006


Weekly Summary

Not a good week to start the second half of the year. The portfolio fell $4,384 (0.6 percent), underperforming the S$P 500 (down 0.4 percent) but better than than either the NASDAQ (down 1.9 percent) and the Russell 2000 (also down 1.9 percent).

I sold all my shares in CHCI. The stock moved sharply higher today. As best as I can gather, the stock surged today because some columnist on MSN recommended it. Whatever. If that's not a good reason to sell, I don't know what is. I'll repurchase it if it goes back to $6.

I also sold most of my LTON shares. Scratch what I said yesterday. With the newly revised rules governing SMS providers in China, this stock is dead money for the foreseeable future.

I've also uploaded the updated charts. Hopefully that nasty trend since April in the chart below will reverse itself soon. Have a great weekend everyone!


The MSN analyst who recommended CHCI is Thomas Ko who won a Maserati in the CNBC contest against thousands of opponents. He turned 1 million into 5 million in two months, but took great risks- like putting his entire portfolio in ESCL at one point.

Mr. Ko is an "amateur" competing against a group of other so called "pros" in the Strategy Lab contest. So far, the amateur Mr. Ko is making mincemeat of the pros.

Not surprising to me, since I know several amateurs who have much better records than nearly all of the investment pros. Most of the so-called pros and gurus are good talkers and good in self promotion but are not that good at picking stocks.

But you are probably right to sell CHCI since the one day run-up does seem excessive.
The MSN analyst who recommended CHCI is Thomas Ko, who won a Maserati in the CNBC stock contest. He turned 1 million into 5 million in two months by taking big risks (at one point he had his entire portfolio in ESCL).

Mr. Ko is in the MSN Strategy Lab contest competing against a group of "pros". So far the amateur Mr. Ko is making mincemeat of the so called "pros".

It is not surprising to me, since most investment "pros" or gurus mainly concentrate on marketing and self-promotion. They are not really good investors and make their money from salaries, commissions and fees.

You probably did the right thing to sell CHCI because of the excessive one day run-up, but I wouldn't be surprised if it went up even more on Monday morning, as more people read about Ko's recommendation over the weekend.
pathetic, he was using play money, everyone playing the contest would never trade the stocks they traded with their own real money. How he can move a stock is beyone me. Its 2006 not 1998. Enough already!
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