Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Just when I think I'm out, GV drags me back in

Down 0.2 percent. I picked up 5000 shares of GV at $1.09 today. This is my fourth trip on the GV Express in the past year (The GV Express stops at only two stations: Pumpsville and Dumpsville; make you sure you get off at the right one). I think the stock's fundamentals are good enough that it is unlikely to fall below a dollar. On the flip side, the first inkling of a hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast should send the stock up 20 to 40 percent. If that that happens, flip I shall.

I noticed in your portfolio you have Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. Can you give me some of your thoughts on why you bought them.
Andrey at stockforlife.blogspot.com
Volume on GV approaching 1 million shares again as it pulls back to a buck.

Looks tempting.
I bought Arena because it looked oversold. That was a few months ago. It's now consolidated at the 10-11 dollar level and it's no longer a good buy.
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