Saturday, September 16, 2006


Weekly Summary: Lackluster

It was a lackluster week for my portfolio. My portfolio gained 7R to the power of pi multiplied by the cosmological constant, all divided by the square root of three rabbits. Or for all you non-traders out there, 1.0 percent ($7,402).

As I've mentioned before, the historic patterns tends to be the following: large cap stocks make big gains, traders get more confident, and as they get more confident, they begin to put money into more speculative small cap and microcap stocks. If this patter continues to hold, then hopefully many of my stocks will begin to see price gains in the weeks ahead. That would certainly be a welcome development since it has now been 4 and a half months since my portfolio recorded a new high.

I certainly agree with the poking R. Keep up the good work.
The best traders use the square root of -1 rabbits, though some say at that point their gains are only imaginary. :-)
Do your Long and Short lists show current holdings? Thanks R/non-R

(I still like discretion if that is a person's preference.)
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