Tuesday, November 21, 2006



The portfolio gained 0.6 percent today, finally pushing through the "psychologically crucial" 800K barrier (what, I don't get my own CNBC special?). TSTC, BDR, and the Jobster all helped out.

I shorted 500 shares of CAO this morning thinking that the stock would slide after the company preannounced revenue for the quarter that was below analysts' consensus. I was wrong. It went up. Go figure. I guess I will probably cover tomorrow because I've learned that if a stock goes up on bad news, being short is not a good idea (as MSO so painfully taught me in 2004).

Congrats on hitting 800K!
Congrats on $800 large!

I've found over the years that developing a trading/investment style (a 'system') that suits one's comfort level, along with finding good sources of stock investment ideas are the two most important aspects of being successful in this game.

I'm just thrilled to have found your blog (a year or so ago), b/c it has become an important source of these ideas for me.

While I certainly do a ton of my own research, I'd guess over half of the stocks I've purchased over the past year have been a direct result of my 'sources' - ie blogs, investment forums, newsletters, and individuals whose investment style and skills I respect.

So, Happy turkey day, and good luck. Looks like you'll be able to afford real cranberry sauce this year (althoug I kind of like cran sauce in a can).
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