Thursday, November 09, 2006


DYNT disappoints

I think from now on I will start reporting my results ELOY-style: "I had a very strong day today if you exclude all the stocks that went down...blah blah blah". Alas, ELOY I am not. Today turned out to be a tough day (with the portfolio losing 0.8 percent) largely on account of DYNT, my second biggest holding. Make no mistake, this was not a good quarter for them. But having said, they did indicate on the conference call that they will actively use the buyback program whenever the stock dips below $1.30 and that they regard this quarter as a low point, with better results to come. I hope that's true, because this is one stock that has really strained my patience. I encourage you to listen to today's conference call. The grumbling from some of the shareholders was really quite funny.


I'd like to take a peek but I can't find a replay of the DYNT conf call.
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