Wednesday, November 08, 2006


JOB gets a promotion

The market continues to move higher. My portfolio also managed to saunter to a new all time high today, but on the whole, I've been underperforming badly, gaining only 0.7 percent in total over the past three trading days.

There's a new king in town and his name is JOB. I've been buying shares of JOB here and there over the past month and the stock is now my biggest position. JOB is extremely cheap by any standard of valuation. The company will be reporting earnings soon and if the numbers are good, the stock will be in the fast lane to $4. With over $1 per share in cash and no debt, I just don't think there is too much downside here.

I love the potential for this stock if they can continue the earnings trend of the past couple of quarters, plus cut their expenses some. I was targeting closer to $3, but I definitely won't argue with $4.
Looks like you have enough clout to move the market... Lots of volume on this today.
I doubt it. I've never noticed an increase in price or volume after I mention a stock, now matter how favorably. JOB started to move up a day earlier along with other staffing stocks. At any rate, I won't be selling anywhere near current prices.
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