Tuesday, December 26, 2006



The portfolio managed to gain 0.5 percent today thanks largely to news that CPAK was being bought out as well a low volume surge in shares of Kentucky Fried Investors (KINV.OB). While my limit order to sell a few shares in KINV.OB was partially filled towards the end of the day, given all the insider buying in the stock, I wouldn't surprised if someone knows something.

Anyhow, I'm still trailing the Russell 2000 by less than one percent this quarter, so hopefully I can put together a few days of outperformance before the year is over.



Congrats on CPAK (I sold out too early). And that KINV holds quite a spread, had a bid-ask of 25.00 X 35.00 for a while.

Wondering if you would be able to supply a list of all the stocks in your portfolio that have been bought out during 2006 - and perhaps you're gain on each one.

Happy Holidays! Happy New Years!
Happy Holidays to you too. Unless I am forgetting one, the list is MARSA, VTEK, OLGR, Collins (I forget the ticker symbol!), and CPAK. I would have to review my records for the P/L on each one, but in percentage terms, CPAK was the best and MARSA was the worst (but still good).
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