Wednesday, December 20, 2006


"Real time" alerts

Up 0.1% percent. Only the Bozo kept me in the plus column today. I'm starting to get annoyed with Scottrade's "real time" alert service. Today's alert notifying me that DAGM's price had risen to $2 arrived in my inbox about 40 minutes after the fact, by which time I couldn't act on it. I'm not sure if the issue has to do with my computer at work, or with Scottrade itself, but regardless, I'm not amused.

Overall, how do you like Scottrade? I just switched to them from TD Ameritrade.
on DAGM you would have maybe 1 minute to sell near the highs of the day - Don't expect to be so accurate in selling cecause of an alert unless you are able to watch your stock every minute duringof the mkt hrs, particularly on thinly traded, micro-cap stocks.
Point taken about DAGM. On Scottrade, it's okay, but I'm not an active trader, so things like superfast execution are not of prime importance to me.
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