Friday, December 15, 2006


Weekly Summary: Ouch

The portfolio got whacked this week: down $7,912 (1.0 percent). Hopefully I can make it back next week. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Hi Peter,

It looks like we are having the same luck recently, even though we have very different portfolios. Mine has been down the last 8 days in a row. It's nice to see it's not just me :-)

Here's to a better week next week for both of us!
I hope we will be in good shape next month.
I found that my low float stocks for the last week and a half have done poorly (in general). This after a couple of weeks where they did extremely well. Seeing your overall returns doing something similar, I wonder if it's just the cyclical nature of interest in these types of stocks?
Sorry for that pain. I do follow your moves! I am also making my trading open to the public - I have been successfully trading and consistent for while, so I have no fear of "exposing myself". Check me out at

Happy trading!!
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