Wednesday, January 31, 2007


January Results

What JOB giveth, KTCC taketh away. Yesterday was going well until I bought KTCC right before the close. Within a couple of minutes, the stock tanked big time. Oh well. Despite KTCC, I'm still up 1.4 percent for the week so far.

For the month of January, the portfolio gained $41,578 (5.3 percent), my best month since last April.

Will you sell KTCC or hold it?

You did well on JOB but will you hold it longer or look to exit?

What is the typical target for one of your picks? Do you have a $ value you want to reach or a certain percentage?

KTCC is probably dead money until the next quarter but I doubt it will go down much because it's already at book value. JOB is going higher.
Thank you for your JOB. I sold some and probably will keep some until it reaches $4.
I thought I would share a funny and annoying story.

When you put your original (or last before recently) post about JOB up I bought some. Held it, held it, held it, it wasn't doing anything so I sold it about 2 weeks ago. Of course. So, I finally get it out of my mind then what comes in the mail to me? Their proxy info and annual report :( Thanks for the idea and keep up the good work!
Mike, same story here.

Bought at 1.68...

Sold at $1.78...

I held three illiquid stocks in the last few months: JOB, IFUL, and NMRX - all of them had some nice gains and I managed to sell all of them too early. I was even glad when I sold because I wound their erratic movement unnerving.
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