Thursday, January 25, 2007


OCCF: very nice!

Down 0.4 percent today. Optical Cable reported a very strong quarter this evening. OCCF is a medium sized position for me (a bit less than 2 percent of the portfolio). It's good to see that their business is starting to turn around. Hopefully they will be able to maintain the momentum. I have not been hestitant to express my displeasure with OCCF's management in the past, so hopefully they won't screw up again. If the stock can maintain its 30 percent afterhours gain (on just a handful of shares), that should be good for about a 0.5 percent gain in the portfolio tomorrow.

BRNC to retest lows?
By the way, your RSS feed isn't working any more... the latest post I see from is from January 1... You might want to take a look at it or contact to see if they did something to it...
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