Saturday, January 20, 2007


Weekly Summary: Back Above $800K

Stupid RACK prevented me from having a 5 digit gain this week, but considering that both the NASDAQ and the Russell 2000 were down for the week, a gain of $9,225 (1.2 percent) is still one I am very happy with. With this week's gain, my portfolio is back above $800K. Let's hope it stays there.

In retrospect, I think the only reason I bought RACK was because I am having so much difficulty in finding new stocks to invest in that meet my value criteria. Ironically, RACK doesn't even come close, but I am currently sitting on about $180K in cash, so it's tempting to grasp at straws in order to find reasons to buy something... anything. If you think there are some good value stocks out there that I have overlooked, please let me know.

Take a look at HSOA. Might be poised to move in next little while
I'd suggest a peek at opmr, exar, actl, cohu, tlgd, hlx, wire, esio, phtn and adpt. Most sit on too much cash but that may be what makes them attractive - cvv - is one that may really fit your style. I read your blog since I was surprised how many stock we both trade!

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