Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Who doesn't love CATS?

It was a good day for Stockcoach, with my portfolio gaining 1.0 percent thanks to lots of nice moves in many of my favorite positions (TAIT, BRNC, TRNT, etc.). I picked up some shares of CATS last week. The stock is trading close to book value and has lots of cash on hand and no debt. The lone analyst that follows the stock increased earnings estimates last month (always a good sign). The only drawback is that the company's CEO appears to be rather overpaid given the size of the company. At any rate, I still like the stock. The price has moved up a bit in the last few days so I'll be looking to add to my position on any dips (with INTC reporting not so great numbers after the close, that means I might get my chance tomorrow).

I wish the pain of ELOY would stop. What's your attitude on shorting companies during a bull market? thanks, I hope that company crashes and burns sometime soon.
I hate ELOY. I don't know why it is up so much. I really don't. I am not good at shorting, so I am definitely not one to ask.
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