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Thank you and Goodbye

It's been over two years since I started writing this blog. My goal for this blog was to share with you my experiences as an investor. I hope I've succeeded. I know I've learned a lot in the past two years, and much of it I learned from you. But like many good things in life, this blog has come to an end. Recently, I was offered a position at one of the world's biggest financial companies. I accepted the offer, and after a few months of well deserved vacation, I will start my new job. However, given the nature of the position, I feel it would not be proper for me to maintain a public blog, even an anonymous blog like this one. Thus, with much sadness, I am signing off today. I may drop by on occasion to say hello, but I will no longer be posting my portfolio or discussing specific stocks.

For those of you who are regular readers, I would like to sincerely thank you for stopping by and taking the time to share your thoughts with me. Goodbye and God bless.

Too bad. The most helpful stock blog is gone. Thanks again for the JOB. Good luck in your new position.
While I'm happy for you and your family, I will sorely miss the market musings and stock picks from this blog. Your bright insights infused with self-deprecating humour, makes your blog a pleasure to read (and profitable to follow). I believe you were actually turning the corner in terms of influence to becoming one of those guys who could dramatically move the price of a stock (albeit a mini-cap stock) by virtue of their selection. Well, maybe it is a good time to step down, I'd probably have to start buying your picks at a ten or twenty percent premium.

Anyway, I do understand this whole conflict of interest thing, but I'm still hoping you find some way to continue blogging. In just four or five small columns/week, you've become the most worthwhile stock picking site out there.

Best 'o' luck.
Say it isn't so :-( Oh well, at least it is for a great reason. CONGRATS on the new position! Sounds very prestigious. You deserve it. I will definitely miss your blog. It is one of the few, if only one, that I visit regularly.

Keep in touch,
Say it isn't so! I don't have my own blog, but your blog sort of introduced me to the world of stock blogs. I am now a regular reader or yours, and many others.

Good Luck

Congrats on the new position!
Congratulations! You have a different trading style than most bloggers I read, which means Stockcoach's Corner is one of the last blogs I'd want to see suspended. But, it sounds like you have a great opportunity make use of your knowledge and expand your influence, and I wish you the best.

If your firm ever wants to throw lots of money at a risk-averse, R-counting TA guy, drop me a line :-)
Congratulations and good luck as well!!!

Do visit our blogs from time to time.
I've only been reading your blog for a month, but am allready hooked. I've learned so much, I can't believe its going to end.....

Isn't there a way to keep it going? I'd imagine that the stocks you purchase for you personal portfolio are much smaller companies than this investment bank would be interested in. Since there is no overlap, would this blog really jeopardize the company or yourself?

Well i'm sincerely hoping you can keep your blog up, but I understand if you can't.

Congratulations, I'm sure you well deserved the opportunity!
I have learned a lot about the stock market by reading by reading your blog. THANK YOU! :)
Thanks for the great writing. Hope to hear more from you down the road...
This is the best stock blog on the web. I am sad to hear that you no longer will blog because of your new job. Good luck anyway.
Congratulations on the new position. I'm happy for you and your family.

It's too pity to hear that most interesting and useful blog come to an end. I enjoyed and learned from you very much.

Thanks a lot and good luck.
Good news for you is bad news for us. I really lik(ed) your blog, obviously I'm not the only one.

Good luck in the new position!
Always leave them wanting more?

Thanks for all you have shared over the past couple of years--it is greatly appreciated.

Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family.
Good luck with the new job. I will also miss reading your blog.
Good luck in your new position. Let me know if you will be managing a micro-cap fund so I can invest some funds with you.
People with such investment skills as you have SHOULD NOT work as employees. You should invest full time for yourslef and for people who believe in you.
doesnt make any sense, why work for a large corporation doing this when you can do this on your own and make $500,000-$1,000,000 a year. I dont understand. Did they offer you this position based on your track record on Stockcoachs Corner.
Congratulations on the new position, but I will sorely miss this blog. I was looking forward to 1M milestone of your portfolio. Do share that info with us. I will celebrate it with a bottle of bubbly. And as quant investor already mentioned, if you manage a microcap fund, I will surely invest. Good luck and Cheers
Thank you everyone for all the great comments. I was really happy to read them. I will try to update everyone every few months or so about what's happening to me. And if the portfolio ever reaches a $1 million, I think that will be definitely be worthy of a post!
Congrats on your new position. I enjoyed your rants and raves. Keep us update as to how things are going.

Good Luck!
Will TRNT be the next JOB? I am waiting for that to happen.

If you could continue to post your

long positions, that will be great.

Congrats on the new job! I have really enjoyed following reading your blog for the past year. Check in every now and then and let us know how things are going.
congratulations on the new job!
Congrats. And just as ARCS Wireless (ARCS, now changing to ARCW)finally gets the reverse split you predicted in your post last year. You were on target, just a bit late.
I will miss the quarterly reports where stockcoach, acting as the cfo and janitor, reports the outstanding results of the quarter.
Coach, just showing up here. Wish if you can write a blog here or anywhere else without mentioning any picks so that it does not conflict with your current real life work. Also I am adding your blog to my blog roll, since I think that posts that you have written in the past are needed to be read and read over and over again. Goodluck.
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